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Enjoy our first promotional video for the e this summer.  Clips were sent in from all over the Americas to spread the word for our epic upcoming summer.

Last Thursday, on the 30th of August, we had our first Meditation of the Americas together after returning from the amazing summer course at the EC. It was really surprising and exiting that we connected more than 12 centers together to meditate.

As an image is worth a thousand words, we’ve uploaded a little video of those moments.

Dear friends in the Americas,

We really had a great time at the EC during the 2012 Summer Course in Germany! It was an amazing experience and a wonderful opportunity to meet each other, and to get together to share and make new plans to continue working and developing together in the Americas.

In a few words, let me tell you that we first held two large meetings with well over 100 participants each. The first focused on everything we’ve already done and how we did it and what the results were (, , , moreEC fundraising, , etc.). The second gathering was to present new ideas and to think about how to carry them out in the future.  Both meetings were really great and inspiring.

Friends from everywhere participated, countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Cuba, the United States and Venezuela. It is also important to add that generally speaking there were many more representatives from each country than last year; for example, around 45 friends came from Venezuela, and 20 plus from Mexico and Uruguay, and so on for the other countries. Many friends from Europe and Australia also joined to learn from our successes and to share theirs.

We had a beautiful surprise and blessing when Lama Ole spontaneously came to one of our meetings and spent quite some time with us. He joked with us: “I always want to be a part of revolutions, let’s see what you’re doing!” Wow! Everything was truly special.

There was a 3rd spontaneous meeting during which we organized the many good ideas that came about. We divided ourselves in working groups of brilliant and intelligent friends to carry out our ideas into the year.

We also had the official presentation of a wonderful video about Americas Project for the whole EC Summer Course, with a blues and harmonica intro and Alejandra from Venezuela sharing some words about our work with Lama Ole and everyone.

This time we really beat the participation record in comparison to last year. There are many more friends committed and inspired to work together, share the Dharma, and most of all to grow and develop together. Truth is that we have a very good life, we have it all, wonderful teachers, an inspiring Sangha, the teachings of the Buddha, what else can we ask for? Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and let’s keep on working together!

Video Americas Project Presentation EC 2012


Strongly inspired by our great Venezuelan and American friends who created the ‘Vaya con Dilia’ tour, we felt a drive to join this genuine activity full of friendship, trust, and growth, with the goal of uniting more and more the two American hemispheres and going beyond the illusory boundaries of the mind.

The deepest meaning of the VAYA CON tours is to generate true friendship and trust among us, learning by observing the group as well as the people in whom Lama Ole has put his trust. We are learning to see each other as links of the transmission and to act accordingly, because this is the only way we can keep on building and protecting the Diamond Way for future generations.

Truth be told, VCJ was a bit impulsive and lacked some planning. But that didn’t stop us and we preferred to trust in space and dive in! We had very little time to prepare; John’s schedule was already full and even when we thought that not many friends could  join due to timing, we wanted to maintain the VCD energy because we knew the benefit would be huge and the VAYA CON could become a Kagyu tradition.

At the start, we found ourselves in Mexico working more effectively than ever. Lots of friends were visiting other sanghas for the first time, and with every visit, inspiration grew everywhere. Friends spontaneously joined the tour with the clear goal of sharing.

We saw a very fresh, young sangha in Monterrey, working so well and with clear foundations. Northern dakinis joined the last part of the tour in the Caribbean, sharing the last weekend retreat organized by Cancun and Playa.

After Monterrey, we had a retreat in Tlaxcala, a mountain zone near Mexico city. This one was organized by Metepec and Mexico City South, and many people from almost every sangha in Mexico came by. Here we felt our Lama’s presence in a very strong and  touching way. The stories that John told us about the Midwest and North American friends inspired us to the point of seeing many wet eyes, especially when we heard about their promise to Lama Ole of keeping an indestructible friendship and always working for the benefit of the lineage.

Our beautiful Cecilia from Metepec finished her last malas of her Guru Yoga practice and happily ended her Ngondro surrounded by the Mexican sangha. The retreat was sealed with a deep taste of practice and commitment.

Next came Oaxaca…by bus! (it is a long way). Jim and John, like Batman and Robin, went in search for southern adventures. When we picked them up at the station, a couple of days after, our ears were filled with colors, scents, and images from that wonderful region in the depth of Mexico and from the two strong sanghas that are there. John and Jim told us of their feeling of being in a big family with two houses with the growing capacity of appreciating each other’s qualities more and more. Blessing from this tour could only help in getting closer.

In the Caribbean part of the tour, Jim—who bravely made the whole tour with John—was joined by the northern dakinis and three friends from the States. The group got stronger and made a van-visit to the beautiful colonial city of Merida, where a couple of friends have just started meditating together and are looking forward to growing soon. All the talks and jokes along the way increased both joy and trust. For the weekend retreat in Playa we had Eugenia from Mexico city and some Polish and Austrian friends who appeared, we might say, spontaneously.

With the turquoise background of the ocean, we enjoyed the DW international flavor. The group was so well integrated, it felt like family, like in the Europe Center. A very meaningful teaching from this course was about the importance of speech among us—how to use it in a beneficial way to make the best out of every situation. This is great information for the work in our centers as well as for keeping the pure view.

I can honestly say that the benefits of this effort are still bringing fruits and are still amazing us due to their reach and depth concerning the inner work among sanghas in Mexico and also in the connection with our North American friends. One clear example of this is the nice relation between Monterrey’s and Texas’s sanghas. Now, we have three Mexican friends who will join the Labor Day National Course at the HRC. There are also many plans for the future that started with this past tour. And best of all, we have the certainty of having the great friends on the way and the best Lama that one could have for our development.

You’re Invited!

What: “Vaya con John” – A tour across Mexico with John Christopherson from the United States and friends from throughout the Americas. This tour developed out of a wish to bring friends together from the Americas and strengthen our bonds and confidence with each other along the way. The Vaya con Dilia tour proved to be transformative, uniting the hemisphere in ways we’ve not yet seen. Not only did it bring countries closer together and provide a rich experience for the travelers, it also increased the power of bonds within the hosting region, which were already strong.

Vaya con John offers a similar experience in another country. The theme for this tour is Transmission. Within this framework, topics such as Lineage, Lama, Sangha, and the Lama’s Living Vision (Europe Center) will bring focus & inspiration to our common work. The more join, the more creative power will be present.

Lama Ole is very glad that we go beyond boundaries in such ways and specifically suggested that we travel as groups of friends along with traveling teachers. These “Vaya Con” tours (as we’ve playfully named them) bring the Europe Center alive in the Americas.

When: June 12 – 24, 2012

Where: Starting in Monterrey and ending in Cancun, the tour group will visit every center in Mexico with two days in each city and featuring a weekend program in both the Mexico City area and the Caribbean at the new Playa del Carmen center.  FOR A MAP OF THE TOUR,


For further information, find

Dear Friends of the Americas and Beyond,

What an amazing two weeks of time together! Something really special came about from this tour. Those who have worked together to create this unique and monumental event are sharing in and celebrating this historic exchange. We are experiencing something like never before in the Americas, and the result is deeper confidence in both our individual and collective potential.

Everyone truly felt the same energy and excitement on this tour as when in the Lama’s presence. We are becoming increasingly aware that we are actually with the Lama all the time, and ultimately there is no separation between us; the activity and energy flows. Through our bonds and friendship, trust in one another brings forth confidence in our inherent potential; we can experience the blessing of the Lama in all situations.

We found a closeness with one another that is quite rare in today’s world, and a sense of gratitude pervaded the whole experience. It is very apparent that this coming together is most significant. Through countless lifetimes we’ve surely planted many positive impressions amongst such good company, and the propensity for joy and meaningful friendship is truly touching . It is certain that wherever there is a Diamond Way Buddhist Center one is at home with family. Time together in the Lama’s powerfield makes us all deeply grateful. Through the power of this great and noble lineage, we will, “with unending diligence and strength,” carry forth our Lama’s wishes to benefit all beings. May the good that is created through our collective activity, dedicated to all, bring beings the greatest joy — a mind free of limitations.

Sincerely, Vaya Con Dilia!